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Storage Systems for Public and School Libraries

système de rangement et rayonnage pour bibliothèque Hybria

What better way to find your favourite books, work documents, or even listen to your favourite CDs and DVDs than in a library with lots of colours and textures? That’s what we offer you with our public and school library storage systems.

This is what we offer you with our range of fixed or mobile Aetnastak® shelves. The elegant, configurable Aetnastak® fixed shelving system for libraries is mainly designed for libraries and documentation centres. With its flexibility and sturdiness, this type of configurable fixed shelving ensures the preservation and longevity of books, while its rounded edge frame increases its stability and eliminates sharp edges.

It can be reconfigured, extended and relocated according to your needs and offers a wider range of accessories and practical features than any other cantilever shelving system. This type of configurable fixed shelving system also provides the flexibility, strength and rigidity needed to protect books and ensure their longevity.

Its ability to evolve with the rotation of your collections, the protection of your books and documents, a harmonious integration with your library and the security of your users.

Being a fixed shelving system, the Aetnastak® can be installed on the carts of some mobile shelving systems such as Mobilex or SafeAisle, to optimize your storage space to the maximum by offering you unlimited possibilities.

The Aetnastak® configurable fixed shelving system is used by renowned institutions, who use our storage system for crucial tasks such as the storage of rare, fragile and valuable books.

Our expertise lets you match your environment to new trends, with style and always according to your needs. And why not stand out a little, by adding laminated panels? We have a range of colours, one more beautiful than the next, or add appliqués of your choice such as inspiring words, proverbs or quotations.

Hybria Configurable Storage and Shelving System for Libraries

The Hybria® configurable library shelving and storage system combines the elegance of Aetnastak fixed shelving with the efficiency of conventional SmartShelf shelving. The best of both worlds!

The Hybria storage system is an additional alternative to the lay-out of libraries and documentation centres. With its innovative design and flexible configuration, the Hybria 4-post racking system provides enhanced storage capacity, a harmonious appearance, and distinctive features designed for mobile or stationary applications.

système de rangement pour bibliothèque public SmartShelf
SmartShelf Public Library Storage System

Our storage systems for public and school libraries offer undeniable advantages for organizing your library:

  • The flexibility to place large and small items in the same unit and to adjust the distances between shelves to facilitate the storage of items of varying heights
  • This versatile system can be mounted on our mobile carts to follow your changing needs
  • An elegant solution for your library, business or home

The Hybria Curve book and periodical shelving storage system

The Hybria Curve shelving storage system is a derivative of the Hybria shelf. With its circular shape, this shelving storage system allows you to create places for teamwork, study or reading. With the addition of wheels, the Hybria Curve storage system will provide mobility and flexibility to your layout, while its unique configuration with single or double access will showcase your books and documents in an attractive and accessible way.

You no longer have to choose between aesthetics and efficiency. With Hybria Curve, you get both. Designed for open spaces, Hybria Curve offers an avant-garde shelving system thanks to its flexibility and versatility, promoting development, communication, discussions and gatherings.

Exemple installation système de rangement Hybria Curve
Hybria Cuvre Storage System for Public and School Libraries

Periodical Storage Cabinet (BREP)

With its five tilting shelves, the periodical storage cabinet will be an additional asset to your layout. You can display magazines, newspapers or brochures that need to be highlighted in the front, and store subsequent issues or surplus brochures on the inside shelf.

This elegant, self-supporting storage system can be combined with the other systems available in our storage ranges, while attractively displaying your periodicals and other documents.

A compact and thought-out magazine storage cabinet with a neat and tidy look and easy searching for your users: what more could you ask for?

Storage and Handling Carts for Libraries

This storage and handling cart will meet your transportation needs to move loads ranging from light to heavy and will help you to avoid unnecessary injuries. Designed, first of all, to move books, reference tomes and catalogues in offices and libraries, this storage and handling cart is so flexible and versatile that it can be used in any environment, whether for medical equipment or in an indoor growing environment.

With this mobile and sturdy cart, you will increase your productivity while maintaining an efficient and functional organization.

Storage System for Libraries in the Education Sector

Because we know that education is important for young and old alike, why not make their learning environment a pleasant, friendly, safe and practical space.

Our Aetnastak® fixed or mobile shelving and storage system, grows with you! No question of simply storing your books, all the components necessary for your progress are included, such as digital tablets, boxes of educational games and all other components that bring life to your days!

Want a reading or study area without creating an enclosed space? We have the solution with Hybria Curve shelving. They will give you the latitude to delineate your spaces without losing sight of the key issues, the comfort and the safety of your users.

And just because we’re talking about book storage doesn’t mean we can’t have access to an electric mobile shelving system like the SafeAisle. For a place where consultation is very busy, our state-of-the-art electric storage system will maximize your space while keeping it safe for users and staff.

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Avec son élégance, le système d’étagères fixes configurables pour bibliothèque Aetnastak® est principalement conçu pour les bibliothèques et centres de documentations.

Le système de rangement à étagères Hybria Cuvre est un dérivé de l’étagère Hybria. Par sa forme circulaire, ce système de rangement à étagères vous permettra de crée des lieux de collaboration et d’étude.

Les étagères de rangement mobiles électriques SafeAisle® à haute densité ont redéfini les normes de sécurité dans le domaine. 

Le spécialiste des systèmes de rangement et d’étagères fixes ou mobiles. Le Groupe SOMR est distributeur autorisé des systèmes de rangement commerciaux et industriels Montel.

Pour optimiser vos espaces de rangement ou d’entrepôt, que vous soyez une bibliothèque, un musée, un bureau, un grossiste ou encore un détaillant. Les rangements Prisma Inc, sera votre partenaire dans votre projet de la conception à l’installation.

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