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From Conception to Installation: How Does it Work?

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Reconfiguring storage space to free up square footage can seem like a real headache. Fear not, the process of becoming more productive is much simpler than you think, especially when you are accompanied by a team of experienced professionals.

How can I get in touch with your experts?

You can contact us by phone or via our information request form. In both cases, we will put you in touch with an expert who will contact you as quickly as possible. Many of our clients are repeat customers: they have already done business with us and would like to entrust us with their new project!

What should I expect with the initial contact?

A simple phone conversation will allow the consultant assigned to you to get an idea of your needs: what do you need to store? Documents, tires, growing plants, works of art … we have worked in all areas, so we are ready to deal with any request.

If you have a plan of the room you want to configure, this could make it easier to prepare an initial layout plan and a quote.

If you don’t have one, a consultant can come and take the first measurements of your room and at the same time meet with you to discuss your project.

storage system
SafeRak | Photo credit : Montel

At this stage, your consultant will help you choose the type of storage system – mobile or fixed – that will best meet your needs, based on the size of the space you have and what needs to be stored.

Note that it is common for several versions to be prepared before arriving at a final plan and agreement: the conceptualization of your project is beginning, and adjustments are quite normal. As a professional, your advisor expects this and will always have a solution for you to deal with the changing parameters of your project.

Why a preliminary visit?

Even in times of a pandemic, it is vital for Prisma Storage Solutions to visit the premises, as this allows us to check for obstacles in the room, such as the presence of electrical outlets, dropped ceilings or heaters that may result in the plans needing to be adjusted or that may affect the installation on the day.

During these visits, your consultant will take the opportunity to review access (entrances, elevators, stairs, etc.), recheck the dimensions of the premises, and the times when work is permitted. He or she will also take care of any requests for structural checks

storage system
Immunotec’s new storage system | Photo credit : Sylvain Angers

How much will it cost?

The cost of a system can be difficult to estimate at first glance, as our products are custom-made and each project is unique. It is therefore very important that the price you are given in the quote has been estimated correctly.

It is at this stage that your consultant will explore payment options with you, including leasing. Leasing allows you to take advantage of your new system without drawing on your working capital, in exchange for customized, tax-deductible monthly payments.

Once the quote has been prepared, your consultant will email it to you, or call you to discuss it and schedule a second visit to review some of the information.

I have chosen to do business with Prisma Storage Solutions. What’s the next step?

Once the quote has been accepted, your consultant will put you in touch with our facilities manager to prepare the installation plan and coordinate the arrival of our installers. Once we know the exact delivery date, the process is set in motion.

If the building or premises already exist, we will begin to establish the installation procedure, review the preparation of your premises with you, and ensure that access is adequate. Your consultant will advise you if there is a need to clear out shelves or move furniture in preparation for the day.

If this is a new build, the facilities manager will confirm the procedure for deliveries and installations with the general contractor and complete the necessary site access training. Here again, the premises will have to be ready: adequate access, furniture moved, etc.

 storage system experts
Our team at work | Photo credit : Sylvain Angers

What should I expect on installation day?

Upon arrival of the Prisma team (consisting of two to four certified installers), the lead installer will contact the on-site contact person. The lead installer is your point of contact, and ensures that the installers are aware of and take into account the parameters of your space. He or she is also in constant contact with your consultant, making it easier to resolve any glitches that may arise. The installation can then begin.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If any problems arise during the installation, the chief installer and your consultant will do everything in their power to resolve the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. If concrete drilling is required, they will check the hours allowed for such work with you beforehand. Our team will always observe all regulations and safety rules.

What happens after my system has been installed?

When the installation is complete, our team will clean up the area and remove the waste. The chief installer will make the tour of your new system with you, and verify, in your presence, that everything is installed and working as ordered.

 storage system experts
A floor for a client of ours | Photo credit : Sylvain Angers

How do I know how my new system works?

If you have chosen a mobile high density storage system whether manual, mechanical or electrical, you will receive on-site training.

Should any other questions arise, your consultant remains your contact person. He or she has been with you from the very beginning of your project, and is therefore familiar with all the parameters. You can therefore pass on your questions to him/her at any time.

All systems are different, so installation can take as little as one day or as long as several weeks. Although our installers usually work between the hours of 6 a.m. and 3 p.m., we will adjust our schedule to suit yours. The only constant is the need for good communication between your consultant, our installers and you.

Our team is made up of certified, experienced and attentive advisors and installers who are always ready to listen to their customers’ requests. Their advice is valued and much appreciated, and it is this experience that we place at your service.

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Quelques-uns de nos produits

Avec son élégance, le système d’étagères fixes configurables pour bibliothèque Aetnastak® est principalement conçu pour les bibliothèques et centres de documentations.

Le système de rangement à étagères Hybria Cuvre est un dérivé de l’étagère Hybria. Par sa forme circulaire, ce système de rangement à étagères vous permettra de crée des lieux de collaboration et d’étude.

Les étagères de rangement mobiles électriques SafeAisle® à haute densité ont redéfini les normes de sécurité dans le domaine. 

Le spécialiste des systèmes de rangement et d’étagères fixes ou mobiles. Le Groupe SOMR est distributeur autorisé des systèmes de rangement commerciaux et industriels Montel.

Pour optimiser vos espaces de rangement ou d’entrepôt, que vous soyez une bibliothèque, un musée, un bureau, un grossiste ou encore un détaillant. Les rangements Prisma Inc, sera votre partenaire dans votre projet de la conception à l’installation.

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