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Storage systems with fixed shelves

Store more in less space

It's always a headache trying to find the right storage system for your needs. There are so many options!

But fear not, because we have the perfect solution for you. Our fixed shelf storage systems are exactly what you need to organize your home or office once and for all.

With these systems, you will be able to store all of your belongings in an easily accessible and visually appealing way. So don't wait any longer, order your fixed shelf storage system today!

Our fixed shelf storage systems meet the demands of any environment. Whether it's for indoor vertical culture, storing bulky items, promoting books in a public library or displaying paintings or art in a museum, Prisma Storage has the answer.

Why use a storage system?

Many people use storage systems to organize their homes and offices. 

Storage systems come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used to store a wide variety of items, from clothes to books to tools. There are many benefits to using storage systems. 

First, they keep your stuff organized and out of the way. Second, they can save you space by compacting your belongings into a smaller space. Third, they can protect your belongings from dust, moisture and other environmental hazards. Fourth, they can save you time by making it easy to find what you need when you need it. 

Finally, storage systems can add a touch of style to your home or office. Whether you choose a sleek, modern system or a more traditional style, storage systems can help you create a space that is both functional and stylish.


The different fixed shelves that can be found at SOMR Group

Fixed shelves are a great way to add extra storage to a room without taking up too much space. 

They can be used to store any item. Fixed shelves are also very strong and durable, so you don't have to worry about them sagging or falling over time. 

If you're looking for a shelf that is both functional and stylish, the fixed shelf storage systems from SOMR Group are an excellent option.

The GreenRack® Mobile or Fixed Shelving System for Indoor Vertical Growing is an adaptation of our current storage systems to allow their integration into emerging environments such as vertical or indoor agriculture.

The innovations in the mobile storage systems range will allow you to optimize your production floor space and also maximize it vertically.

By eliminating the many aisles required in conventional production systems, you can see the full potential of the GreenRack mobile or fixed racking system for indoor vertical growing. 

In addition to saving space, you'll notice energy savings and a better organization of your workflow. Using the GreenRack system means entering a new era and defining a new way of producing.

The 4D Long Span semi-industrial fixed shelving system is designed to accommodate bulky and unconventional items, this semi-industrial shelving system meets specific layout requirements.

Its applications, both fixed and installed on one of the mobile storage systems, will allow you to maximize your square feet but also your cubic feet. 

Whether it is to set up a museum storage room or a mini-warehouse, the 4D Long Span semi-industrial fixed shelving system will meet the storage needs of heavy objects.

With its elegance, Aetnastak® configurable fixed shelving system for libraries is mainly designed for libraries and documentation centers. 

It can be extended, reconfigured and relocated to suit your needs, and offers a wider range of accessories and convenience features than any other cantilever shelving system. 

In addition, this type of configurable fixed shelving provides the flexibility, strength and rigidity necessary to protect and preserve books.

Being a fixed rack, the Aetnastak® can be installed on the carts of some mobile shelving systems such as the Mobilex or SafeAisleto maximize your storage space by offering you unlimited possibilities.

The Aetnastak® configurable fixed shelving system is used by leading institutions for critical tasks such as storing rare, fragile and valuable books.

The Hybria® configurable library shelving and storage system combines the elegance of Aetnastak fixed shelving and efficiency of the conventional SmartShelf. 

The Hybria storage system is an additional alternative for the design of libraries and documentation centers.

Inspired by contemporary European design, the Hybria® configurable library storage and shelving system also combines the space-saving benefits of the SmartShelf system with most of the available accessories of the Aenastak.

The Hybria Cuvre shelving system is a derivative of the Hybria shelf

With its circular shape, this shelving system will allow you to create places for collaboration, study or reading. 

By adding a wheel system, the Hybria Cuvre storage system will provide mobility and flexibility to your layout. 

Its unique configuration with single or double access will showcase your books and documents in an attractive and accessible way.

The ModulArt™ modular storage system for paintings and museum reserves. is suitable for collections of paintings and framed artworks as well as for a variety of objects (from a stock of keys to a collection of firearms).

The ModulArt™ modular storage system allows you to keep a large number of items in a limited space and grow the storage system as your needs change.

Plus, with its sleek, compact design, the ModulArt™ modular storage system doesn't require the installation of a false floor. This makes it easier to install and maintain.

The SmartShelf industrial and commercial shelving system is an ingenious four-post hybrid system.

SmartShelf is the most versatile shelving system in the industry. By combining a hook and bracket system, the SmartShelf easily adapts to your needs over time as space permits.

Combined with the various mobile storage systems offered in our product line such as the Smartspace or the Mobilex and its open shelving concept, configurable in multiple ways, the SmartShelf will allow you to store a wide range of items.

You can use the SmartShelf industrial and commercial shelving system for archive boxes, sports equipment, golf bags, skis, musical instruments, legal documents, specimens, clothing, shoes, food and more.

The ModulArt™ modular storage system allows you to keep a large number of items in a limited space and expand the storage system as your needs change.

Plus, with its sleek, compact design, the ModulArt™ modular storage system doesn't require the installation of a false floor. This makes it easier to install and maintain.

The SOMR Group : The reference in terms of fixed or mobile shelving systems

We are proud to offer a wide variety of shelving systems, all designed to make your life easier. 

We have something for every project, from traditional fixed shelving to modern metal shelving and even mobile storage units. 

Whatever your needs, we have a system that will work for you.  If you're not sure which system is right for you, our team of experts can help. 

Each project is unique.
This is why the SOMR Group carries
special attention to each of them.

The specialist in fixed and mobile shelving and storage systems. The SOMR Group is an authorized distributor of Montel commercial and industrial storage systems.

To optimize your storage or warehouse space, whether you are a library, a museum, an office, a wholesaler or a retailer. Prisma Storage Inc. will be your partner in your project from design to installation.

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