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Configurable library storage and shelving system

Libraries and resource centers are important, but they can be so messy!

In today's municipal libraries, space is often at a premium.
The shelves are filled to the brim with books and every nook and cranny is used to its full potential. As a result, it can be difficult to find the books you need.
A public library needs a shelving and storage system that is both efficient and elegant.
Inefficient storage systems are one of the main culprits of library disorganization.
It is difficult to store so much documentation without being disorganized!
But not with the storage system Hybria !
The Hybrida Configurable Library Shelving and Storage System can help you solve this problem. It allows you to store books in an organized manner so you can easily find them when you need them.
The storage and shelving system configurable bookcase Hybria® combines the elegance of Aetnastak fixed shelving and the efficiency of the conventional SmartShelf. The Hybria storage system is an additional alternative to thelibrary design and documentation centers.
Inspired by contemporary European design, the storage and shelving system Hybria® configurable bookcase also combines the space-saving benefits of the SmartShelf system with most of the available accessories of the Aenastak.
This configurable shelving system is beautiful and effective.
Hybria is perfect for anyone looking for flexibility and durability, making it the ideal choice for libraries or documentation centers.
At Prisma Storage, we offer the perfect solution for anyone looking for a stylish and efficient way to store a large volume of material.
This shelving system can be easily configured to meet specific library needs.
Organizing city libraries can be a daunting task, but with the Hybria system, it's easy to keep everything in its place!

The storage of a library

Library classification is really important to find what you are looking for among a wide range of books and works.
A classification system was developed by Melvile Deway in 1876 and is still used today. The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) is a system for classifying the entire holdings of a library.
The ten classes retained by the Dewey classification correspond to nine basic disciplines: philosophy, religion, social sciences, languages, pure sciences, techniques, fine arts and leisure, literature, geography and history, to which a general class is added.
Municipal libraries are divided into three categories: public, academic and special.
Public libraries are the most common type of library, and are usually funded by local taxes.
They offer a wide range of materials and services to the general public. Academic libraries are usually affiliated with colleges and universities.
They provide resources to support the educational mission of their institution.
Special libraries include corporate libraries libraries government libraries, law libraries, medical libraries, etc.
Each type of library has its own classification system.

Why rank a public library?

A public library must be classified to help library staff and the public find books easily.
The public library's classification system uses numbers and letters to arrange books on the shelves according to subject.
For example, all books about animals would be stored together in the same section.
This system makes it easy for people to find the books they are looking for, and it also helps library staff know where to store new books.
Properly classifying a public library is important because it helps the library function better and makes it easier for people to use it.
Municipal library classification systems can help standardize the way libraries are managed.
This makes it easier for library staff to find books when they need them and can help give libraries a consistent look.
In addition to making it easier to find books, the classification system also helps librarians know which books are borrowed most often so they can purchase new copies if necessary.
In short, municipal library classification systems can be extremely useful in ensuring that libraries are well organized and easy to use.
Regardless of size or classification, all municipal libraries play an important role in promoting literacy and access to information for all members of the community.

Different filing methods for a library

There are several ways of classifying books in a library. If this can to help you in your Here are a few examples:

  • In alphabetical order
  • By colors
  • By publishers
  • By rating and favorites
  • By format
  • By type
  • By nationality
  • By philosophical affinities

Therefore, in the case of Dewey's classification, classification by genre would be preferred. He would tell us that it is not possible to document a subject without knowing very precisely to which discipline it belongs.

Why choose the Hybrida storage system for your library?

If you're looking for a flexible and attractive storage solution, the Hybria configurable bookcase shelving and storage system from Prisma Storage is the perfect choice.
This system combines the advantages of the SmartShelf system in terms of space saving with many accessories available on the Aenastak system.
It can be reconfigured and relocated, making it ideal for municipal libraries.
Plus, it can be installed on mobile storage systems, making it perfect for more than just book storage.
It is an additional alternative for the design of libraries and documentation centers.
With the Hybria storage system, you can finally have a beautiful and functional library or resource center to be proud of.
With its sleek design, the Hybria bookcase storage system is sure to add style to any room. Plus, its efficiency makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a great way to store books or other materials.
Stop settling for ugly, outdated shelves - get the Hybria storage system today!
With its contemporary European design, the Hybria is space saving.
City libraries are responsible for filing a wide variety of documents, from birth certificates to property tax records. The Hybria Library Configurable Shelving and Storage System is an ideal solution for storing these important documents!
The system can be expanded, reconfigured and relocated as needed, and comes with a variety of accessories to ensure that all your documents are stored safely.
With the Hybria system, you can have the best of both worlds: the space-saving benefits of the SmartShelf system and the flexibility of the Aenastak system.
It can be extended, reconfigured and relocated to suit your needs. In addition to providing great flexibility and strength, the Hybria fixed storage system can be installed on mobile storage systems and can therefore be used for more than just book storage.

Keep in mind that space management in a library is necessary for its proper functioning!

Start your storage project for library today!

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