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The SOMR Group offers a complete range of fixed and mobile shelving systems

Whether it is for a project of reorganization of your storage spaces, the installation or the maintenance of storage system with fixed or mobile shelvesWhether you need to move your storage facilities or purchase a used fixed or mobile shelving system, our team of professionals will meet your needs


Each project is unique.
This is why the SOMR Group carries
special attention to each of them.


Would you like to pay in installments? We are pleased to offer you flexible financing solutions with the following features: 

  •  Financing up to 100% of the acquisition cost
  •  No significant down payment
  •  No need to dip into your working capital
  •  Possibility to modulate the rents according to the reality of your company (ex: seasonal activity)
  •  Rental with or without purchase option


Solutions tailored to your needs. The SOMR Group team works with you, from the design of your project to its implementation. The company's experts offer you adequate storage solutions by conducting a rigorous analysis of your needs. From the initial meeting to the after-sales service, you can be assured of working with a competent and available team that will follow you through every step of the project:

1- Initial meeting and information gathering
2- Needs analysis
3- Development of filing and storage methods
4-Presentation of development solutions (plans, estimates and specifications for tendering purposes) 
5-Comparative analysis of the current situation.


Our team of certified installers has many years of experience in the installation of storage systems. Our experts will assemble your solution quickly and efficiently, ensuring that all safety standards and the highest industry standards are met.

Our storage systems are of high quality and are extremely reliable for many years. Should a problem or need for adjustment arise, our specialized technicians will quickly come to you to diagnose and find the appropriate solution.

We understand that your storage system will become an essential part of your organization, which is why our preventive maintenance programs adapted to each type of storage system ensure that your investment will be functional at all times,


Moreover, as a company evolves, our teams are able to carry out the reorganization and removal of your storage system externally or internally. This will guarantee you, the good functioning of this last one following its displacement and will avoid you additional expenses of repair or due to losses of parts which can occur at the time of a transport. In any case, we will be pleased to prepare a detailed budgetary estimate of the costs foreseen for your work at no charge.


Are you hesitating between several options? Having trouble deciding which system would best suit your needs? Our experts are here to help you.

The specialist in fixed and mobile shelving and storage systems. The SOMR Group is an authorized distributor of Montel commercial and industrial storage systems.

To optimize your storage or warehouse space, whether you are a library, a museum, an office, a wholesaler or a retailer. Prisma Storage Inc. will be your partner in your project from design to installation.

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Classement Luc Beaudoin and Rangement Prisma have joined forces under the same Groupe SOMR banner!