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Les Solutions de rangement Prisma specializes in optimizing space and storage with high-density storage systems.

Les Solutions de rangement Prisma offers a full range of fixed and mobile shelving system services.

Whether for a project to remodel your storage space, install or maintain a storage system with fixed or mobile shelves, move your storage facilities or purchase a storage system used fixed or mobile shelves. Our team of professionals, will meet your needs.


Solutions adapted to your needs. Prisma’s team works with you, from the design of your project through to its implementation. Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your needs and propose the right storage solutions for you. From the initial meeting to our after-sales service, you have the assurance that you are working with a competent, accessible team that will guide your throughout the stages of your project:

– Initial meeting and information gathering
– Needs analysis
– Development of filing and storage methods
– Presentation of design solutions (plans, estimates and specifications for tendering purposes)
– Comparative analysis of the current situation



Our team of certified installers has years of experience in the installation of storage systems. These experts will install your storage solution quickly and efficiently, making sure that the highest safety and industry standards are met.

Our storage systems are of the highest quality and are designed to be reliable for many years. If a problem or the need for an adjustment arises, our specialized technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and find the appropriate solution.

We understand that your storage system plays a crucial role in your organization. Our preventive maintenance programs can be tailored to every type of storage system to help ensure that your investment is hard at work at all times.



As your company changes, our teams can assist you in reorganizing and relocating your storage system, whether externally or internally. This guarantees that everything will function properly and avoids additional costs due to repairs or loss of parts that may occur during transport.

Whatever your reorganization or relocation project, we would be pleased to prepare a detailed cost estimate of the work, at no charge.



Can’t choose between many options? Having a hard time targeting the system that best suits your needs? Our experts are there to help you.