5 Issues That Mobile Storage can Address

  It is completely normal to encounter logistical issues within a business. We put a temporary solution in place then and there, which all too often becomes permanent despite all the problems it, in turn, raises. Here are some of the situations our clients faced before adopting a mobile storage solution. If you recognize yourself [...]

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From Conception to Installation: How Does it Work?

  Reconfiguring storage space to free up square footage can seem like a real headache. Fear not, the process of becoming more productive is much simpler than you think, especially when you are accompanied by a team of experienced professionals.   How can I get in touch with your experts? You can contact us by [...]

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Double your tire storage space with Rack&Roll

Winter is here and with it, tire storage, a service that takes up a lot of space in your already crowded warehouse. How can you maximize your space to double the storage?   Rack&Roll is a high-density mobile storage system for heavy loads. Designed for car dealers and tire storage specialists, its customizable structure allows [...]

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Industrial shelving, how to move it?

Moving a warehouse, workshop or library is a worrisome and exhausting chore for many reasons. Make your task easier: call on our experts for the move of your industrial storage systems and shelving.  Did you know that in addition to its expertise in the sale and installation of storage systems, Prisma Storage Solutions also specializes [...]

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Storage Systems for Public and School Libraries

What better way to find your favourite books, work documents, or even listen to your favourite CDs and DVDs than in a library with lots of colours and textures? That's what we offer you with our public and school library storage systems. This is what we offer you with our range of fixed or mobile [...]

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Prisma Storage Solutions is celebrating its 20th anniversary !

Prisma Storage Solutions, the industrial shelving specialist, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and would like to thank its many customers, associates and suppliers who have contributed to its success. Even more important, we would like to highlight the dedication, competence, involvement and creativity of our employees, who believe in our corporate vision. This anniversary, combined [...]

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Better organize your warehouse with fixed or mobile shelving storage systems

6 Tips to Help You Organize Your Warehouse with Fixed or Mobile Storage Shelf Systems Good warehouse management using the right fixed or mobile shelving storage systems can only increase the success of your business. Without a well-organized warehouse, it can be difficult to manage sales and shipments on time. Consequently, the satisfaction of your [...]

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10 Reasons to Adopt the Mobile Cultivation System

  Greenhouse growth benches or fixed shelves are the infrastructure most frequently used by farmers in indoor or vertical cultivation, or urban agriculture. However, a mobile cultivation system is much more advantageous. 1. Double your Cultivation Space With multi-level production, a mobile cultivation system reduces the number of aisles and takes advantage of the height [...]

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Change is in the air at Les Solutions de Rangement Prisma Inc.

After several weeks of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The site was designed for our clients, but also for our partners. It will help support our mutual growth and facilitate the planning and implementation of all your storage projects. This new website offers information on our products [...]

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