Museum and art gallery sector2019-05-27T14:01:58-04:00

There’s no better way to spend a few hours than strolling through an art gallery, admiring the works on display. Whether for a museum, an exhibition or even your personal work, Prisma Storage Solutions offers you a Modular storage system for Paintings, Fine Arts and Museum Collections.

Where do masterpieces go once an exhibition is over? You can rest easy knowing they are stored securely in vaults or other dedicated places by the museums or their tenants.

And stored either on our SmartShelf    shelving, our 4D Wide Span fixed shelving, our Mobilex®    shelving storage system with wall-mounted screens or our Art Rack mobile system, you can be sure these valuable works of art are exceptionally well-protected. For larger collections requiring more space, our ModulArt cube systems and our mobile floor- and ceiling-mounted mesh system offer you greater storage and security options. Flat works without frames can be stored in drawing cabinets.

Preserving our heritage is our business!