Modular storage system for paintings and museum collections2019-06-14T12:37:46-04:00

Storage system for paintings and museum collections

Suitable not only for painting collections and other framed works of art but also for a host of other kinds of hanging items, from spare keys to firearms collections, the ModulArt storage concept lets you store a large number of objects in a small space and modify the storage system over time as your needs evolve.

With its compact and elegant design, the ModulArt system does not require the installation of floor rails or false floors. It is an independent structure with pre-assembled and autonomous panels on wheels. Capable of occupying a volume as small as 36’’ x 36’’ x 72’’, the retractable, double-sided display panel unit gives you all the surface you need for suspending paintings and other works of art. Adding units makes it possible to expand ModulArt in three different directions, giving you the freedom to easily transform the system as your collection grows.

For museums and art galleries with small collections and limited space, ModulArt is a masterpiece of design that transforms the exercise of storing paintings and works of art into a pleasing and effortless experience.

If you have a larger art collection, to optimize your available space, you can opt for our ceiling-suspended pull-out screens, which require no ground rail. And if installing a floor rail isn’t a problem, you might want to consider our floor-mounted mobile art racks and lateral mobile screens.

Whatever the size of your collection, we have the solution for organizing and protecting your artwork while also maximizing your storage floor space.