SmartShelf® industrial and commercial mobile storage system2019-05-27T10:18:15-04:00

Industrial and commercial fixed storage system SmartShelf®

With its ingenious four-post hybrid system, SmartShelf    is the most versatile shelving system in the industry. Because it is designed to accommodate both hooks and supports, the SmartShelf    system can be easily adapted to your changing needs according to the space available.

Because SmartShelf    can be integrated into several other of our various mobile storage systems, including as SmartSpace or Mobilex®    and its open-ended shelving, this system can be configured in countless ways to hold a wide array of items.

SmartShelf    is a one-shelf-fits-all solution to store boxes of archival records, sports equipment, golf bags, skis, musical instruments, legal documents, specimens, clothing, shoes, food and much more.