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A learning environment that’s pleasant, safe, functional and inspirational can greatly contribute to the education and development of young and old alike.

Aetnastak®    shelving evolves with you. More than simply a book storage unit, this product is a multi-use system that can adapt to accommodate a wide range of objects, including digital tablets, educational games, audiovisual material, CDs, DVDs and many more items designed to stimulate a love of learning and discovery.

If you want to set up a reading and study area without creating a closed space, our Hybria and Hybria Curve shelving is the solution. This system gives you the flexibility to define your spaces without sacrificing the comfort and safety of your users.

Besides stationary systems, another book storage option to consider is a powered mobile storage system like SafeAisle®   , which offers multiple benefits. In high-traffic, busy environments, this state-of-the-art powered storage system will maximize your space while ensuring the safety of users and staff.