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8 helpful tips for your warehouse shelving šŸ¦ŗ

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As anyone who has ever worked in a warehouse can attest, having an effective storage system is crucial to maintaining productivity and efficiency!

Shelving is one of the most important components of any self-respecting storage system šŸ˜‰

However, with the many types of shelving available on the market, it can be difficult to know which option is best for your business.Ā 

At SOMR GroupWe understand this challenge!

We've put together some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your storage system and warehouse.Ā 

With our help, you will be able to create a workspace that is both efficient and effective! šŸ¤©

Why choose shelving for your warehouse?

When it comes to warehouse storage, there are many options to choose from.Ā 

One of them, often overlooked, is shelving. šŸ„µ

While it may seem like a simple solution, racking can offer a number of benefits to warehouses of all sizes;Ā 

  • Optimize storage space
  • Helping warehouses store more goods in a smaller space
  • Improve organization and accessibility
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Protect fragile or breakable items

When goods are properly stored on shelves, they are less likely to be damaged.

For all of these reasons, investing in warehouse shelving can be a smart decision for any business. šŸ˜Ž

How to plan your warehouse shelving?

Efficient use of space is crucial in a warehouse, as it can impact everything from traffic flow to order fulfillment speed.Ā 

Here are 8 tips for organizing your warehouse shelving:


When it comes to storage, the key is to plan ahead.

By thinking ahead and investing in a system that can accommodate future growth, you can save time and money. ā³

It is important to consider all aspects of the workplace when planning the layout, from the receiving and shipping area to the location of the manager's office.Ā 

By considering all the potential areas for growth, you can create a warehouse that is ready to grow! šŸ“ˆ

This will help you avoid problems that could arise from an unprepared installation. šŸ™ŒšŸ»Ā 

In short, leave nothing to chance!

The budget

Investing in a high-quality storage system is an important decision that can have long-term implications for your business...

While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, it's important to carefully consider all of your options before making a final decision. šŸ˜‡

In many cases, the cheapest option will not be the most cost-effective in the long run!

It is important to consider all anticipated and potential costs when budgeting for this project.Ā 

By taking the time to do your research and create a well-balanced budget, you can ensure that your storage system will meet all your needs and last for years to come.

warehouse shelf

The use of vertical space

One way to save space in your warehouse is to utilize your vertical space. This can help you improve efficiency and boost operations.

By optimizing your vertical space, you can avoid having to expand your warehouse or move completely. šŸ˜±

When you use your vertical space, you can store more items in the same space. You can also reduce the time it takes to find items.Ā 

In short, optimizing your vertical space can help you save space, improve efficiency and boost operations throughout your warehouse. šŸ˜

Provide a large receiving and shipping area

The shipping/receiving area is one of the most important areas of your warehouse.Ā 

This is where products enter and exit the facility, so it's essential to have a well-organized system in place!Ā 

Poorly organized shipping and receiving areas can lead to lost or damaged products, missed shipments and many other problems.Ā 

When designing your shipping and receiving area, be sure to allow plenty of space for movement and storage.Ā 

Shelves, racks, and other storage solutions should be easily accessible so that employees can quickly and easily find the items they need. šŸ‘·šŸ¼ā™‚ļø

In addition, there must be plenty of space for loading and unloading vehicles. šŸš›

By taking the time to carefully plan your shipping and receiving area, you can help keep your warehouse running smoothly.

Calculate storage efficiency

When it comes to warehouse efficiency, one of the most important considerations is the amount of space needed to store inventory.Ā 

By calculating the square footage of your facility and comparing it to the amount of space needed to store a single pallet, you can ensure that your warehouse is running as efficiently as possible. šŸ¤©

In addition to making sure there is enough floor space to store inventory horizontally and vertically, you should also consider ease of access to the inventory.Ā 

If your pallets are stacked too high or too close together, it can be difficult to retrieve items when you need them!

By taking the time to assess your space needs and create a well-organized storage plan, you can ensure that your warehouse runs smoothly and efficiently.

Organize like the big distributors

Any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition must find ways to improve warehouse productivity.Ā 

And one way to do that is to learn from some of the most successful retailers. šŸ¤“

Companies like Amazon have risen to the top by being innovative and efficient, so there's no reason why other companies can't learn from their example.Ā 

One way to improve warehouse productivity is to use aisle signage similar to that found in a store like The Home Depot.Ā 

This helps workers find what they are looking for quickly and avoids delays šŸ˜‰

In addition, retailers like Amazon have also invested heavily in automated technologies like robotics. This has allowed them to dramatically increase their efficiency while minimizing errors. šŸ¤–

By studying the strategies of top-performing retailers, companies can find ways to improve their own warehouse productivity.

warehouse shelf

Using a mobile rack

The mobile shelving systems are a great way to keep your inventory accessible and organized!

Solutions such as the mobile system BULK&ROLL or the SAFERAK of the SOMR Group allow you to fully use your storage space.

Contact us to learn more about our mobile storage system options today.

Listen to the expertsĀ 

As warehouse storage experts, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a well-designed, quality storage system!

The right storage system can make all the difference in efficiency, productivity and even safety šŸ˜‰

Poorly designed storage systems can be a nightmare, resulting in lost or damaged inventory, frustrating bottlenecks and even accidents.Ā 

A well-designed system, on the other hand, will run smoothly and help your employees be as efficient as possible.

At SOMR Group, we specialize in custom storage systems that are built to last.Ā 

In addition, our products are 100 % Quebec and produced here in Montmagny!

We use only the highest quality materials, and our team is experienced in installing systems that meet your specific warehouse needs. šŸ˜Ž

Don't try to go it alone when it comes to your warehouse storage system - trust our experts to help you create a system that will maximize efficiency and keep your workers safe!

Contact us to start your warehouse shelving project! That's what we're here for! šŸ¤©

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Some of our products

The elegant AetnastakĀ® fixed configurable library shelving system is designed primarily for libraries and documentation centers.

The Hybria Cuvre shelving system is a derivative of the Hybria shelf. With its circular shape, this shelving system will allow you to create collaborative and study spaces.

SafeAisleĀ® high density electric mobile storage shelves have redefined safety standards in the field.Ā 

The specialist in fixed and mobile shelving and storage systems. The SOMR Group is an authorized distributor of Montel commercial and industrial storage systems.

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