BULK&ROLL Light Duty Mechanical-Assist Mobile Racking System2021-05-10T21:14:59-04:00

BULK&ROLL Light Duty Mechanical-Assist Mobile Racking System

Montel’s BULK&ROLL mobile system has been developed for general storage applications of light to medium loads of bulky items. Its light-weight, reliability and simple design allows for easy installation, use and maintenance.

This mechanical-assist mobile system is designed for high-density mobile storage of light to medium loads. Its simple design makes it easy to install and use in many different applications such as convenience stores, back stores, luggage handling, warehouses, hardware stores and any general storage of bulky items.

Instant advantages :

  • Rails: Made of aluminum bars up to 144” long and secured to the floor with concrete screws. Levelness of floor to be 1/2” maximum variation within 10’.
  • Wheels: Made of a proprietary glass-filled nylon that is resistant to water and most chemical solvents. They have good abrasion and compression resistance and they won’t flat spot. They have an operating temperature of -45° to +350° Fahrenheit.
  • Bearings: All wheel bearings are sealed.
  • Wheel Channels: Made of steel and are powder coated. Formed to be easy to clean. Capacity of 2,400lbs per section.
  • No Side Members: Wheel channels are linked at their center to create a free space for the workers shoes on both sides of the mobile.
  • Drive Tube: Tubular drive shafts are made of 1.315” (33.4mm) outside diameter by 1.045” (26.5mm) inside diameter powder coated steel tubing. Each end is sealed.
  • Handles: Are made of durable glass-filled nylon and have a push-button aisle locking mechanism.
  • Chain Mechanisms: Chains are confined to hide mechanical hazards.
  • Racking: 4D Wide Span Light-duty racking is made of steel and is powder coated.