Better organize your warehouse with fixed or mobile shelving storage systems

6 Tips to Help You Organize Your Warehouse with Fixed or Mobile Storage Shelf Systems

Good warehouse management using the right fixed or mobile shelving storage systems can only increase the success of your business. Without a well-organized warehouse, it can be difficult to manage sales and shipments on time. Consequently, the satisfaction of your customers is at stake. Good warehouse management is therefore essential if you want to improve all aspects of your business.

1. Optimize your entire warehouse area

Before spending unnecessarily on an extension, you should think about using and optimizing the space already available. It is quite common to see that some warehouses have a large amount of space, but its use is often limited. For example, corners that are often neglected or space occupied by stocks of unusable products.

Also consider using fixed or mobile shelving storage systems, such as Mobilex storage shelves or our Rack&Roll mobile shelving systems for industry, to increase space, safety and visibility.

2. Digitize your warehouse management

You may not have thought about it, but the implementation of an IT system will allow you to manage the organization of your warehouse perfectly. This type of computer system will show methods for organizing your items and it will also show you the system to be followed. Stop drawing on paper and let technology save you time and money.

3. Implement barcodes

Setting up barcodes will help you to scan all of your products. This will not only provide good visibility of your stock, but you will also be aware of any losses and be able to follow the entire shipping process.

4. Your warehouse must be organized

Yes, this is the subject of this article. However it is important to remember that an organized warehouse will let you know when your goods arrive, where they are stored and when they are going to leave. Without this, you will find it difficult to properly process orders and your customers may not be satisfied with the service.

5. Each workspace must be efficient

This means that the employee workspace should not be left by the wayside. All of your employees must have an organized space in which they are not missing any tools, in order to make their space more ergonomic, improving their productivity and thus avoiding unnecessary loss of time.

6. Don’t hesitate to take a close look at how your warehouse is run

In order to improve your business in general, you will need to take the time to analyze certain indicators. Here we call “indicators” everything that may refer to operations, such as delivery times, order fill rate, order preparation organization or warehouse capacity.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice if you need help in optimizing your warehouse and installing fixed or mobile shelving storage systems. The above tips will help you to optimize the efficiency of your warehouse and this will not only have an effect on the productivity of your employees, but also on your turnover.

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