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In Quebec, market gardening agriculture is still predominantly carried out over vast expanses of land. However, due to the increasing impacts of climate change, this type of production is shifting towards what is known as urban agriculture.

Urban agriculture refers to the practice of food production activities within the boundaries of a city, some of which take place inside buildings, whose products mainly serve for local consumption.

Preservation, improved production efficiency and space optimization are important issues when it comes to indoor vertical farming. Our high-density mobile system solutions give you full control over the different elements involved your indoor vertical production.

Whether you need single-tier or multiple-tier benches or racks, our systems are ergonomic, safe and easily adapted to your requirements. In addition, our indoor vertical cultivation mobile systems are designed to be installed in a variety of controlled environments as demanded by the various types of cultivated products.

This type of vertical production system will give you more grow area, which will increase your revenues and improve accessibility while meeting the most exacting industry standards.