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Choose Mobile Storage System for the industrial sector

Quebec industries are constantly evolving, as are their needs. And we keep a close eye on everything by offering the latest high density storage systems with mobile shelves Montel.

For unparalleled efficiency in medium load storage, the storage with mobile shelves Mobilex will meet all your needs.

For heavier loads, you can turn to the mechanical mobile systems Rack&Roll or electric with the SafeRak® system. These state-of-the-art systems will last you for years without any worries.

mobile storage systems
commercial shelf

A well-organized workspace can help improve efficiency, safety and communication.

It can also help avoid wasted time and material.

This not only saves time and space, but also keeps the workspace clean and safe.

In addition, a good storage system can help reduce the risk of mistakes and accidents.

When workers know exactly where to find things, they are less likely to make mistakes.

Each project is unique.
This is why the SOMR Group carries
special attention to each of them.

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The specialist in fixed and mobile shelving and storage systems. The SOMR Group is an authorized distributor of Montel commercial and industrial storage systems.

To optimize your storage or warehouse space, whether you are a library, a museumWe can help you with your project, whether it is for an office, a wholesaler or a retailer. Les Rangements Prisma Inc. will be your partner in your project from design to installation.

You are in the right place!

Classement Luc Beaudoin and Rangement Prisma have joined forces under the same Groupe SOMR banner!