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Museums and art galleries

Choose fixed or mobile shelves for museums and art galleries

What could be better than to walk through an art gallery and contemplate its creations.

Whether in a museum, an exhibition or for your personal works, the SOMR Group offers you a wide choice offixed or mobile shelves for museums and art galleries to store and protect your works.

museum storage systems
art gallery storage

But where do these masterpieces go once the exhibition is over?

Don't worry, they are stored in vaults or other secure areas by the museum or its tenants, where they are greatly pampered!

Indeed, they are installed sometimes on our SmartShelfsometimes on our shelves4D, fixed on the ground, sometimes on a Mobilex mobile shelving systemwith fixed screens on the wall or even on a mobile Art Rack system.

And for more storage space, our ModulArt systems offer you more storage and security options as well as a mobile system anchored to the floor and ceiling.

And don't forget our frameless canvases, which can be stored in plan cabinets.

Heritage storage is our business!

Each project is unique.
This is why the SOMR Group carries
special attention to each of them.

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The 4D Longspan semi-industrial fixed shelving system is designed to accommodate bulky and unconventional items. This semi-industrial shelving system will meet specific layout requirements. 

The ModulArt™ modular painting and museum storage system is suitable for both painting and framed art collections.

There is something about a well-organized, tidy space that makes us feel good. 

The specialist in fixed and mobile shelving and storage systems. The SOMR Group is an authorized distributor of Montel commercial and industrial storage systems.

To optimize your storage or warehouse space, whether you are a library, a museum, an office, a wholesaler or a retailer. Prisma Storage Inc. will be your partner in your project from design to installation.

You are in the right place!

Classement Luc Beaudoin and Rangement Prisma have joined forces under the same Groupe SOMR banner!