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5 Issues That Mobile Storage can Address

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It is completely normal to encounter logistical issues within a business. We put a temporary solution in place then and there, which all too often becomes permanent despite all the problems it, in turn, raises. Here are some of the situations our clients faced before adopting a mobile storage solution. If you recognize yourself in any of these situations, our consultants can help you find the storage solution that will free up square footage, organize your inventory and optimize your operations. 


1. Your warehouse is a real mess

Is it difficult to find your stock on the shelves? Don’t know where to put new inventory? Are you relying on old, mislabeled cardboard boxes and delicately balanced piles?

These are just some of the signs that your storage space is not suited to your needs and needs an overhaul. A chat with our consultants might help you to see things a little more clearly.

2. You are losing track of your inventory

If your warehouse is a mess, you probably don’t know what you have in stock. This makes it difficult to keep your inventory up to date. Offering new products? You won’t know where to store them. As for diversifying your offer, don’t even think about it: you’re struggling to meet current demand.

Let us assure you that reducing your inventory to free up square footage is not the answer. When our consultants maximize your square footage, you’ll find yourself more organized, more efficient, and your business will grow.

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3. Think your facilities are not suitable?

Think your space is not big enough? Are your products essential, but not in great demand, as well as bulky? Are you planning to move?

Don’t do anything. With our mobile storage solutions, you can free up up to half of your storage space. So you end up with twice as much space without increasing your rent!

4. Your warehouse is a risk area

Is your warehouse cluttered with boxes and stacks strewn across the floor? Are your wobbly shelves in danger of collapsing? Do you have to do a lot of twisting and turning to get around? Are the emergency exits not as accessible as they should be? Are you afraid to send employees into the warehouse for safety reasons?

A warehouse should not be a source for concern. If you’re keeping a count of incident-free days, it’s high time to contact our consultants to make your storage space a safe place where your employees can easily access your inventory.

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5. The quality of your customer service is lacking

Because you have difficulty finding your inventory, time is lost and delays mount up. You may also lose files in your archives, and you may have difficulty following up on customer orders.

A mobile storage system would help you speed up the process and follow up with your suppliers and customers.

Prisma Storage Solutions is known for its customer service: from payment options to installation, our consultants will guide you, answer your questions, and take charge of your project.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact our consultants by phone (1-888-248-4030) or email at



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