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Why adopt the mobile cultivation system?

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Vertical farming is a type of agriculture that does not require the use of soil. Vertical farming has several advantages. For example, it allows you to maximize your production per cubic foot and, in the process, increase your revenue. ­čśç

Storage systems can be used to control the environment in which plants are grown, providing the perfect conditions for optimal growth.

By using a storage system, growers can ensure that their plants receive the right amount of light, nutrients and water. ­čĺŽ

This makes it an essential tool for any plant grower, including growers of cannabis indoors.

Greenhouse or fixed shelf growing tables are the most common infrastructure used by farmers in indoor growing, vertical growing, or urban agriculture. However, a mobile growing system is much more advantageous.

How to describe a mobile farming system?

A mobile cultivation system is a type of agricultural equipment that helps farmers grow crops in a controlled environment. ­čîż

The mobile unit consists of a number of environmental control modules, which can be used to regulate temperature, humidity and irrigation levels.

In addition, the mobile cultivation system can also be equipped with grow lights, allowing farmers to extend the growing season and achieve higher yields.

The mobile cultivation system is an ideal solution for small farmers who want to improve the efficiency of their operations. ­čÜť

With the ability to move the unit from one location to another, farmers can easily react to changing weather conditions and provide their crops with optimal growing conditions.

Therefore, the mobile cultivation system offers farmers a versatile and practical way to grow cultures healthy!

growing system

10 reasons to adopt the mobile cultivation system

1. Double your growing space

By stacking production levels, a mobile growing system reduces the number of aisles and makes the most of the height of your space. This way, you not only make the most of square feet, but also of cubic feet.

2. Saving money

With the stacking of production levels, the same production takes up less space with a mobile grow system than a grow table. You can then choose to reduce the size of the space you rent, buy or build, which is a significant cost savings.

3. Increased revenues

You can also choose to take advantage of the cubic feet freed up by the mobile growing system and add new plants. Such an increase in production will allow you to increase distribution and thus multiply your revenues.

4. Diversification

Another option: diversify your crops. By freeing up square footage, you give yourself the opportunity to diversify your offering and enter new markets. Countless new avenues are open to your business!

5. A space made to measure

Not only is it possible to stack as many production levels as desired with the mobile cultivation system, the operating modes also offer various possibilities to better suit your space and budget.

ePulse electronic mode not only allows you to move crop levels with the swipe of a finger on your smartphone, but also to detect mobile system issues before they escalate and affect production.

growing system

The mechanical assistance mode uses turnstiles that require little physical effort, allowing a wider range of employees to adjust the positioning of the crops. An operational mode accessible to all sizes of companies.

With a manual mode, the shelves on rails are operated by the employees themselves. This mode of operation is more suitable for small productions.

6. Easy to adapt

In the event that you need to make a change in production, a mobile cultivation system is very easy to modify to fit a new crop. Add or remove production levels, change the operational mode... customize it to meet your new needs.

7. Energy saving

By layering the cultivation levels, a mobile cultivation system requires much less energy, considering that the lighting system is provided by LED lights, but also because every single watt or drop of water is put to use.

Enough to drastically reduce its consumption!

In addition, the mobile cultivation system takes advantage of the movement of the aisles, i.e., it allows for quick and more precise changes in the positioning of the crops according to the light, watering and oxygen needs of the crops.

This maximizes the automation of watering and lighting, resulting in more productive crops and better yields. A great advantage if your offer is diversified or if you plan to diversify.

A mobile cultivation system also saves your energy: you only have to walk down one wider aisle, which allows the use of carts. No more endless walking back and forth! In addition, this aisle can be up to 37 % wider than the cultivation tables.

8. A sustainable system

Made of aluminum, the structures of the mobile cultivation systems are easy to install, durable, lightweight, and rust resistant, thanks to its FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant paint.

The wheels are made of recyclable glass-reinforced nylon that is easy to maintain and offers excellent load capacity as well as resistance to rust, steam, and most chemicals, solvents, gases and acids.

Made of aluminum, the rails are designed to facilitate the flow of water and prevent its accumulation and the formation of rust.

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9. Flexible payments

At SOMR Group, we work with the best financial groups to equip your company with a mobile culture that better meets your needs without generating a bank loan or dipping into your working capital. Our secret? Leasing.

With leasing, you have the opportunity to rent the mobile cultivation system of your dreams in exchange for small monthly payments, with the option to buy it back at the end of the lease.

This way, your balance sheet shows no debt, but rather an expense, which has no impact on your company's credit rating, preserving your borrowing capacity.

Leasing also allows you to space out or delay your monthly payments according to your cash flow, without affecting your credit report.

Such flexibility in terms of modalities is highly interesting for a company with seasonal crops, which has to rotate crops, or which has to change its production to adapt to the market.

10. Customized customer service

To assist you in your migration to a mobile culture system, our team of experienced professionals are at your disposal, from the evaluation of your needs to the installation.

Thus, more than 20 years of expertise and customer service specialized in industrial shelving are dedicated to the conversion of your greenhouse growing tables into a mobile cultivation system efficient and customized.

Contact one of our advisors right now to get this beautiful indoor vertical farming project underway. ­čĄę

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