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Expand your business from the inside by optimizing your storage space.

Mobile shelving storage systems

Les Solutions de rangement Prisma specializes in optimizing space and storage with high-density storage systems. Since our inception, we have developed proven expertise in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors (hospitals, museums, libraries)

With our proven expertise, we can help you create a more efficient and organized space – so you can focus on what matters most. Contact us today to learn more about our storage solutions

Prisma’s innovative storage systems are revolutionizing the way businesses use and organize their space. Compared to conventional storage systems, Prisma’s units let you reduce your square footage used by more than 50%. Maximizing the use of available space allows our clients to reap important benefits, such as reduced rental costs, space for additional workstations or increased storage capacity. OurSafeRak®, SmartSpace, SmartShelf™, Mobilex®, Aetnastak® and ModulArt storage modules, along with our entire range of accessories, are designed to optimize storage capacity and adapt to your company’s evolving needs. Prisma’s success is based on our wide range of storage solutions and on our team, who offer personalized consulting services through every stage of your storage and redevelopment projects. Because our solutions are designed to be adaptable, they can grow with your company’s changing needs.






Entrust your project to Les Solutions de rangement Prisma Inc., and our staff will help you identify and implement a shelving system that fulfils your expectations and, especially, your storage needs. Count on the expertise of our dedicated team. We are proud to partner with Montel to offer their 100% made-in-Quebec-high-density mobile storage shelving systems.