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Change is in the air at Les Solutions de Rangement Prisma Inc.

Mobile or fixed shelving system for vertical and indoor agriculture

After several weeks of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

The site was designed for our clients, but also for our partners. It will help support our mutual growth and facilitate the planning and implementation of all your storage projects. This new website offers information on our products as well as brochures for each one to help you find the ideal solution to your space optimization needs. In addition, you can find out about our services and our markets, and keep up to date with our latest company news.

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Leadership change at les Solutions de Rangement Prisma

The website is not the only thing that has changed at Prisma in recent months. Les Solutions de Rangement Prisma Inc. is now under new ownership, as Luc Jarry and Sandy Hamilton took over the helm of the company in July 2018.

A member of the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec, Mr. Jarry has acquired a solid experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries, having held numerous positions as vice-president and CEO.

Ms. Hamilton has been the director of finance and administration for Solutions de Rangement Prisma for the past seven years and will continue to serve in that capacity. Her versatility and open-mindedness have provided invaluable support during this phase of organizational change.

These new owners, who are also life partners, will take up the challenge of growing this outstanding company by building on the strong foundation of commitment and engagement of employees who share a mutual passion for teamwork. It is through this passion that Solutions de Rangement Prisma will achieve its goals.

Luc Jarry and Sandy Hamilton new ownership Solutions de Rangement Prisma specialist mobile or fixed shelving storage systems
Luc Jarry and Sandy Hamilton new ownership Solutions de Rangement Prisma specialist mobile or fixed shelving storage systems.


Solutions de Rangement Prisma was founded under the name of Prisma Concept Inc. by two partners, Line Valade and Benoît Clairoux, in March 2000.

Since its inception, Prisma has been the exclusive authorized Montel distributor serving the Greater Montreal area. It has become a major player in the field of library storage shelving and track-system storage solutions in the business and financial sectors.

In 2008, Ms. Valade took sole possession of the business and renamed it Solutions de Rangement Prisma.

In November 2011, André Cavanagh, the company’s sales director, acquired Prisma Storage Solutions as the sole shareholder. In 2018, Mr. Cavanagh was presented with an opportunity in another field and opted to sell the business to Luc Jarry and Sandy Hamilton. He continues to serve as a consultant for the company.

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Quelques-uns de nos produits

Avec son élégance, le système d’étagères fixes configurables pour bibliothèque Aetnastak® est principalement conçu pour les bibliothèques et centres de documentations.

Le système de rangement à étagères Hybria Cuvre est un dérivé de l’étagère Hybria. Par sa forme circulaire, ce système de rangement à étagères vous permettra de crée des lieux de collaboration et d’étude.

Les étagères de rangement mobiles électriques SafeAisle® à haute densité ont redéfini les normes de sécurité dans le domaine. 

Le spécialiste des systèmes de rangement et d’étagères fixes ou mobiles. Le Groupe SOMR est distributeur autorisé des systèmes de rangement commerciaux et industriels Montel.

Pour optimiser vos espaces de rangement ou d’entrepôt, que vous soyez une bibliothèque, un musée, un bureau, un grossiste ou encore un détaillant. Les rangements Prisma Inc, sera votre partenaire dans votre projet de la conception à l’installation.

Vous êtes à la bonne place!

Classement Luc Beaudoin et Rangement Prisma se sont regroupés sous la même bannière Groupe SOMR!

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