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5 things to check before moving your storage system



There is a long list of items to check off when planning to move a storage system, whether mobile or fixed. Here are 5 of these items that we’ll take care of for you.


1. Assessment of the slabs

When it comes to mobile storage systems, it is essential to have a slab assessment performed by an engineering or architectural firm.

A slab assessment is a weight calculation. Our facilities manager provides the chosen firm with the total weight of the planned system once in place, so that the engineers and architects can ensure that the slab, or foundation, is strong enough to support it. If this is not the case, then it needs to be reinforced with additional supports, a project the engineering firm can guide you through.

Do not let your building collapse under the weight of your new storage system. Have a slab evaluation done!

moving your storage system
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2. Bringing together all stakeholders

For a new construction or a renovation, the project involves many people: contractors, flooring installers, movers, etc. Proper coordination between all of them is essential to ensure a smooth move. This coordination often requires specialized expertise in various fields of construction. This is why we accompany you from the very beginning and take over once the contacts have been established, so as to deal directly with the parties involved.

For example, when it comes to a mobile system, a sub-floor must be installed and then covered. Our team coordinates with your contractor to install the rails and sub-flooring, and the contractor confirms the date of the covering with us. We can then finalize the installation of your system.

3. Adjusting to the new premises

It is rare for premises to be identical, so your system may need to be adjusted or modified to fit your new space.

Depending on the case, your system will need to be upgraded or downgraded, and delivery times will need to be adjusted accordingly. Our consultants are available at all times to answer your questions and suggest the best option to meet your needs, and our installation manager will coordinate delivery and installation.

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4. Confirming access

As described in our article From Conception to Installation: How It Works, a preliminary visit is conducted by your consultant at the time of the quote, and then in preparation for the installation, by our facilities manager or your consultant. During this visit, we check the access to the building: use of elevators and docks, hours allowed for noise-generating work, opening of doors, stairways, etc. These checks are often carried out with the building’s caretaker, who knows the place and the regulations in force like the back of his hand.

Although these may seem like minor details, this is the kind of information that, if available in advance, will save you from a myriad of surprises on the day and at the time of billing.

moving your storage system
Photo credit : Sylvain Angers

5. Transfer of files

Not only do we take care of your move, we also offer the transfer of files. This turnkey service consists of removing files, boxes or other contents from your storage space, dismantling the system, moving it, reinstalling it, and putting your inventory back in place.

For smaller inventories, we can store the contents of your shelves in our Laval facility. For larger inventories, we entrust the storage to a specialized company and take care of everything from A to Z.

Finally, managing content that needs to be moved from one storage system to another, or from one place to another, is not as simple as it seems. Do the files need to be accessible at all times? Can the inventory be stored for a period of time? Do the archives need updating or repositioning, or can they be put back as is? The answers to these questions may reveal needs that you might not have thought of at first.

Fortunately, nothing gets past our team. Our consultants will guide and support you with an all-inclusive service and the keen expertise for which we are renowned.


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