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10 Reasons to Adopt the Mobile Cultivation System

système de culture mobile


Greenhouse growth benches or fixed shelves are the infrastructure most frequently used by farmers in indoor or vertical cultivation, or urban agriculture. However, a mobile cultivation system is much more advantageous.

1. Double your Cultivation Space

With multi-level production, a mobile cultivation system reduces the number of aisles and takes advantage of the height of your premises. This not only saves you square feet, but also cubic feet.

2. Saving Money

With a multi-level mobile cultivation system, less space is required for the same amount of production than with a growth bench. You can then choose to reduce the size of the space you rent, buy or build, which represents a significant saving of money.

3. Increase in Revenue

You can also choose to make use of the cubic feet freed up by the mobile cultivation system to add new plants. Such an increase in your production will allow you to increase distribution and thus multiply your revenue.

mobile cultivation

4. Diversification

Another option: diversify your crops. By freeing up square feet, you have the possibility to expand your offers and reach new markets. Countless new avenues opening up for your business!

5. Made to Measure Space

Not only is it possible to superimpose as many production levels as you wish thanks to the mobile cultivation system, the modes of operation also offer various possibilities to better adapt to your space and budget.

The ePulse electronic mode not only allows you to move crop levels with a single move of your fingertip on your smartphone, but also to detect problems with the mobile system before they escalate and affect production.

The mechanical assistance mode uses turnstiles that require little physical effort, allowing a larger group of employees to adjust crop positioning. An operational mode accessible to all sizes of companies.

With a manual mode, the shelves on tracks are operated by the employees themselves. This mode of operation is more suited to small operations.

6. Ease of Adaptation

In case you need to change your production, a mobile cultivation system is very easy to modify to adapt to a new crop. Add or remove production levels, change the operating mode… customize it to meet your new needs.

cultivation system

7. Saving of Energy

By superimposing the levels of cultivation, a mobile cultivation system requires much less energy, considering that the lighting system is provided by LED lights, but also because the slightest watt or drop of water is used. Enough to radically reduce consumption!

The mobile cultivation system also takes advantage of the movement of the aisles, i.e., it allows the positioning of the crops to be changed quickly and with greater precision according to lighting needs, watering and oxygen requirements of the crops. Automation of watering and lighting is thus maximized, resulting in more productive crops and better harvests. A considerable advantage if what you offer is diverse or if you plan to diversify it.

A mobile cultivation system also saves your energy: you only have to walk along a single, wider aisle, which allows for the use of trolleys. No more long treks back and forth! What’s more, this aisle can be up to 37% wider than a growth bench.

8. A Sustainable System

The mobile growing system structures are easy to install, durable, lightweight, and rust resistant, thanks to paint in compliance with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The wheels are made of recyclable, easy-care, glass-reinforced nylon, offering excellent load-bearing capacity and resistance to rust, steam, and most chemicals, solvents, gases and acids.

The tracks are made of aluminum and are designed to facilitate water flow and prevent water accumulation and rust formation.

mobile cultivation system

9. Flexible Payments

At Prisma Storage Solutions, we work with leading financial groups to equip your business with a mobile growing system that better meets your needs without generating bank loans or dipping into your working capital. Our secret? Leasing.

With leasing, you can rent the mobile growing system of your dreams in exchange for minimal monthly payments, with the possibility of a buy-back at the end of the lease. In this way, your financial balance sheet does not reflect any debt, but rather an expense, which has no impact on your company’s credit rating, preserving your borrowing capacity.

Leasing also allows you to space or delay your monthly payments according to your cash flow, without affecting your credit rating. Such flexibility in terms and conditions is very attractive for a company with seasonal crops, which has to deal with crop rotations, or which has to change its production to adapt to the market.

10. Made-to-Measure Customer Service

To accompany you in your journey to a mobile growing system, our team of experienced professionals are at your disposal, from the evaluation of your needs to the installation. More than 20 years of expertise and customer service specializing in industrial shelving are dedicated to converting your greenhouse growth benches into a high-performance, custom-made mobile growing system.

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